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by Christiane Craig on March 27th, 2014 at 7:09 pm

“Every tooth in a mans’ head is more valuable than a diamond” – Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quixote,1605.

The U.S. can boast to have the best dental care in the world, yet millions are not able to obtain this care. Individuals who are low-income, racial or ethnic minorities, older adults, those with special needs, or those that live in rural communities have a much more difficult time accessing dental care. Dental Decay is not only one of the most common diseases in the world it is also one of the most preventable. The issue of lack of dental care to those in need is growing exponentially, it is essential and a human right to avoid pain, infection, tooth loss, and other problems which can cause complications with other health issues a patient may be facing.

On February 23, 2014  Dr. Amy Nabi , of Dr. Amy’s Dental Office in Thousand Oaks Ca., in partnership with Dentistry From the Heart, a world wide non profit organization, hosted their very first Dentistry From the Heart event. On this day we were lucky enough to have Dr. Amy Nabi, Dr. Greg Urfrig a local Oral Surgeon,  a hygenist, several Registered Dental Assistants, Dental Assistants, front office staff and non dental professional individuals from the community come together to offer a day of free dentistry for persons in the community that were in need of quality dental treatment.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to serve over 100 patients this day with services varying from dental exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. The majority of people we saw were suffering from some form of periodontal disease with rampant caries. We definitely kept our hygienist busy this day.

With the decline of the economy in our community we have seen many patients who have lost their homes,  jobs and in turn their health insurance. By embracing the spirit of giving we can make this a healthy and happy future for our communities.

We would like to give special thanks to the following:

  • Dr. Amy Nabi of Dr. Amy’s Dental Office
  • Dr. Greg Urfrig of Agoura Hills Oral Surgery
  • Susan Suval Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Christiane Craig RDA/OMSA/ Event organizer
  • All of our dental and non dental volunteers
  • Henry Schein for their supply donation
  • Walmart for their monetary donation
  • Costco who donated lunch to our staff of volunteers


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Project Healthy Smile’s Africa Mission

by Project Healthy Smile on March 22nd, 2014 at 1:54 am

Project Healthy Smile creates sustainable oral health programs for underprivileged children globally. These programs focus on preventative care by providing oral health education and dental supplies. In January 2014, PHS went on a mission in Africa working with Meeting Point Kampala and TAFCOM. Thanks to the Henry Schein Cares Foundation PHS was able to provide oral health kits and fluoride treatments to many children in need!


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Nicaragua Dental Mission – 2014

by Sharon Gorman on March 10th, 2014 at 12:42 am
Two hundred and twenty nine patients were treated.  One hundred sixty four of them had extractions.  One hundred forty one people had their teeth cleaned, while fifty four individual teeth were sealed.  A few temporary fillings were placed.

These photos were taken during our five days of dental clinics held in the villages north of the city of Esteli, Nicaragua.



















A Medical Mission to the BeLikeBrit Orphanage, Haiti, January 2014

by Vicki Kvedar on March 2nd, 2014 at 8:50 pm

On January 11-18, 2014, our group of 15 missionaries went to help at the BeLikeBrit Orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. This was during the 4 year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed Britney Gengel, then a 19 year old college student on a Lynn University-sponsored mission trip to Haiti.  Her parents subsequently built and run this orphanage in her memory, since it was her last request before her sudden tragic death.

The group consisted of Vicki Kvedar, MD, an ophthalmologist, and her 22 year old daughter, Julie, who graduated from Vanderbilt University and hopes to become a physician some day. The rest of the missionaries helped build a house for a family living in the neighborhood of the orphanage. The family consists of a mother with 9 children, living in a shack made from tree branches and tarps. On each mission, medical personnel must accompany the group, since there is no one at the orphanage to take care of medical problems that occur.

The orphanage currently houses 38 children, but the goal is to open it up to a total of 66 children by the end of 2014. There are 40 adult employees, most of them Haitian, who work in various capacities such as cooks, laundry, janitor, child care, social work, security, bus driver, plumber, teachers, soccer coaches, etc.

While the rest of our group was building a house, Dr. Vicki Kvedar and Julie did complete eye exams on every child and adult in the orphanage. We also spent 2 mornings in the Mission of Hope medical clinic down the street from the orphanage. There we came across some interesting eye and medical problems such as glaucoma from hypermature cataracts, high fever from malaria or typhoid, pterygia, bacterial conjunctivitis, abdominal masses, irritated eyes from garbage being constantly burned throughout the country, neurofibromatosis, and many people with a need for something as simple as a pair of glasses. In the orphanage, we discovered several people with glaucoma, including the 3 year old child of the family who we were building the house for. We were able to figure out who needed glasses and what prescriptions they needed. Then we fit them with used, donated glasses that we had labeled and brought down with us.There were many cases of scraped elbows, blisters, colds, fevers, etc. that are bound to occur during any week with that many people around. They were  treated with donated supplies from Henry Schein Cares Foundation. Unfortunately, the most severe cases requiring surgery could not be properly treated because we did not have an operating room available. We did the best we could do with what supplies were donated and available to us. For the glaucoma patients, that meant giving them eyedrops that would hopefully lower their eye pressure.

At the Mission of Hope clinic, Haitians waited hours in line in the 90 degree sun to see us, and when we ran out of time, they came back the next day. They were most polite and appreciative of whatever we did to help them. When we took a picture of the people waiting patiently in line, many of them ducked their heads because they are afraid someone will perform voodoo on them if they have a photograph.

We received hugs and thank yous and smiles from the appreciative patients. Most of these people had never been seen by a physician before, and certainly not an ophthalmologist.

Articles about this trip appeared in the January 29, 2014 issues of Lynnfield Villager and Melrose Weekly News (Massachusetts).

We would like to thank Henry Schein Cares Foundation for their most generous donation of medical supplies to BeLikeBrit orphanage. Although not all the supplies were used on the week that we went down, they are now filling the cabinets of the new medical clinic in this new orphanage, which has only been admitting children for a year. There is no doubt that all the supplies will be used and appreciated by those living in BeLikeBrit orphanage over the coming years.IMG_2872 IMG_2816 IMG_2754 IMG_2716 IMG_2677 IMG_2668 IMG_2661 IMG_2654 IMG_2647 IMG_2629 IMG_2603 IMG_2596 IMG_2573

First Baptist Church Mission Trip to Haiti

by Gary Lewis on February 28th, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Gary Lewis 1 Gary Lewis 2 Gary Lewis 3 Gary Lewis 4

“When we gather up what remains of our worship together, we prepare to go out into the world beyond the walls of our sanctuary.  We are a community of faith that believes that when our worship together ends, our service truly begins.”

On December 28th through January 4th I traveled to Haiti with a group from Danville First Baptist Church.  The team consisted of 39 volunteers including medical doctors, midwifes, RN’s, pharmacists, and many students.   During the course of a week we treated 670 patients, 170 were children under the age of 5.  We were treating patients for hypertension, various infections, and malnutrition.  Approximately 200 fluoride varnishes were performed to children ages 7-15 to help prevent decay.

The most distressing case that we saw was a little girl (supposedly about 2 1/2 years old) who looked to be about 6-8 months old.  She was so malnourished, she could hardly move.  We supplied her mother with whatever supplements and vitamins we could to get this child to good health.  Haiti is filled with many more people just like this little girl who need our help.

I would like to sincerely thank Henry Schein for their generous donation of dental and medical products as well as all of the volunteers who donated their time for this worthy cause.  They provided us with the tools needed to serve an indigent population that otherwise would not have received the care that they so greatly need including oral hygiene kits, medical equipment and supplies, medicine, fluoride varnish, and wound care.


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