2nd Annual Dentistry From The Heart at Ladera Dentistry

by Mai Ly on December 17th, 2014 at 1:49 am

On November 15, 2014, Ladera Dentistry had huge patient turn out in Ladera Ranch. There were patients coming from Anaheim, San Juan Capistrano and even Pomona of all ages ranging from 2 years old to 70 years old.  Dr. Mai Ly’s team comprised of 5 dentist, 2 hygienist, 5 dental assistants and many volunteers from all over.  Dr. Trang Chessler and her sister, which is a hygienist, Chau Hutchenson drove all they way from San Diego Friday night with their 4 kids and a dog to Los Angeles for their mom to babysit and drove down early Saturday morning to help provide free smiles for the community.  The team treated over 65 grateful and needing patients starting at 7:30 am.  The first patient waiting in front of Dr. Mai’s office at 1am.  The patients were treated with either a cleaning, extraction, or a tooth colored filling.  Ladera Dentistry also teamed up with Chick-fil-A of Laguna Niguel to provide lunch for all the volunteers and gave out coupons for a free sandwich to every patient that got treatment. The Chick-fil-A cow even made an appearance and entertained the line while the volunteers were taking a break.  We had a special guest, Paul Roberts, from OC Talk Radio come interview the doctors, volunteers and even patients.  Every patient that came in left with a tooth brush, paste and floss donated from the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.  The event was a huge success thanks to all the donations from Henry Schein Cares, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Costco.  This will definitely be an annual event at Ladera Dentistry and for the community.  We anticipate the event to be even bigger next year so make sure you let your family and friends know about this free event.  Dr. Mai is definitely making lives better in Ladera Ranch by giving back to the community by hosting events like this.  She is looking forward to spreading more free smiles year after year.

Hillside Health Care International (Belize)

by Steven Schnoll, DDS on November 25th, 2014 at 12:14 am

Hello interested partner in health!

I am a volunteer and Board member of a US Based non-profit called Hillside Health Care International (www.hillsidebelize.net).  This has been an ongoing charitable pursuit since 2000.  In 2014 we will provide no-cost medical and dental care for nearly 10,000 low-income patients at a permanent health center in the Toledo District of southern Belize.  Hillside has international medical, nursing and pharmacy students rotating though the clinics on 4-week rotations to learn about providing global health. Our motto is: “Learning While Serving.”

Hillside is extremely grateful for the support of Henry Schein Cares Foundation in providing medical and dental supplies to assist in this venture.  HSC donated supplies including: Infection control products, Diabetes supplies, Basic medical goods and Dental exam articles like mirrors/tongue depressors/pen lights/bibs.  The HSC supplies were combined with donations from other caring institutions and all were used in the central healthcare clinic in Punta Gorda, Belize as well as a number of distant villages.

Hillside currently monitors and treats at least 120 adult diabetics.  Diabetes affects more than 16% of the adult Belizean population versus 10% of the US population.  Therefore, the donated glucometer supplies were very needed and put into immediate use.

The year-round medical clinic offers treatment in a variety of areas such as women’s issues, nutrition, family planning, community health, physical therapy and home hospice.  Of course, there are plenty of walk-in patients with various aches & pains plus injuries.  A more complete description of treatments delivered can be found at: http://hillsidebelize.net/explore/mailchimp/Fall%20Newsletter.html

As a practicing dentist, the rest of this report will be an update on the fluoride treatment program that began this last September for the 2014-2015 academic year.  As you may know, fluoride varnish is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association and it is promoted by the World Health Organization, particularly for children in low-income families with limited access to dental care as they are at higher risk for dental cavities.  These standards having international implications as well and the Belize Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Education have partnered with us to ensure we are reaching as many children in the Toledo District school system as possible.


For this academic year, we began treatments two months ago and thus far have visited 6 schools in the Toledo District and treated 316 students.  We provide dental health education, learning activities and songs to promote an understanding of oral hygiene and its benefits.  Over the course of the last month we have also reached out into the schools in the more distant villages to treat even more children.










Not only are we providing a great service to the people of Toledo District, but our Global Health students are learning how to provide health education to a variety of audiences — a skill essential to community health efforts!

One student wrote:

“In my 30 days in Belize I have seen more children with cavities than I ever have in the United States.  Many of them have multiple cavities or completely rotten teeth at a very young age.  With very little access to dental care in Belize, the best way to treat cavities and tooth decay is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.  Hillside is trying to prevent cavities in the Toledo district through educational presentations at local schools.

Each week students from Hillside go to local primary schools to paint fluoride varnish on children’s teeth and provide education on dental hygiene.  We strive to make the education we provide fun and interactive.  The children are taught how many times a day to brush their teeth, the mechanics of tooth brushing and what foods are good and bad for their teeth.  We then teach them a sing-along song to help them remember the things we’ve discussed.  Each student is given a toothbrush and toothpaste and they practice the new skills they’ve just learned by brushing their teeth in the schoolyard.  We immediately follow with a fluoride varnish treatment applied to each child’s teeth by a medical or pharmacy student to prevent future cavities.  I’ve found these presentations to be something both the local children and the Hillside students look forward to.  The children readily participate and demonstrate enthusiasm for brushing their teeth.  With the severity of dental decay I’ve seen in Belize, if our fluoride treatments and education prevent even a fraction of potential cavities among the children, it is well worth the time.”

Hillside Student 2014 Rotation 10


Day 3

by jgrabiel on November 12th, 2014 at 11:56 pm

Today was the second day of visiting the school up in the mountains. We saw approximately 75+ children and diagnosed several with badly decayed teeth. We are fortunate to have been able to put sealants on several children’s 6 year and/or 12 year molars in hope of preventing these permanent teeth from becoming decayed. Our education program and oral hygiene instruction was well received by the children who were all eyes and ears listening to the presentation, then actively participating in the hands-on portion learning the proper way to brush their teeth and the use of disclosing tablets to show the areas they were missing when they brushed.

The clinic stayed busy today with many children from both of the local schools. The doctors placed several fillings and extracted several teeth. The clinic should have another busy day tomorrow with more children from the schools.

At the end of our day we were treated to the site of a rogue bull being lassoed by 2 cowboys and a couple of dogs in the middle of the road. The bull lost!

by jgrabiel on November 12th, 2014 at 12:26 am

Today we saw many children at a school up in the hills of one of the villages. We taught the children about proper nutrition and proper  oral hygiene.  Dr. Grabiel performed visual exams on each child and we placed sealants and/or fluoride varnish. We  found many children with badly decayed teeth and have arranged for transportation to the clinic to have their teeth filled or extracted.

Our first class of kindergarten children.

Our first class of kindergarten children.

Team members showing how disclosing tablets work.

Team members showing how disclosing tablets work.

A couple of the native Ngobe girls hamming it up for the camera.

A couple of the native Ngobe girls hamming it up for the camera.

by jgrabiel on November 11th, 2014 at 2:37 am


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