2014 Panama VIM-Cienaguita

Our bags are packed and were ready to go!


Dr’s Grabiel, Sweeney, and Wilkie from Birmingham, Michigan, along with 3 assistants and 1 hygienist have been preparing for this trip for months. Several other “Volunteers in Mission” people are joining us to make this trip a successful one. Many supplies have been graciously donated by Henry Schein making our mission that much easier to accomplish.

We arrived safely in Panama last night with a bus load of suitcases and an anxious group of volunteers. After arriving at the Methodist school and bunking down for the night we spent our first day in Panama City doing some interesting sightseeing; the new locks of the Panama Canal, the new Bio museum and Colonial Panama.



Tomorrow morning, along with our Missionary Rhett, we will load the bus and head to the village of Cienaguita in the Chiriqui Provence, about a six hour bus ride. Monday morning we will begin seeing patients at the clinic and go to the local schools to do an Outreach program of Nutrition education and proper oral hygiene techniques. We hope to place Dental sealants and do Fluoride Varnish applications in hopes of  preventing future decay. The Ngobe Indian population whom we will be serving have a high decay rate and we hope the preventive measures and education will serve them well for the future.

Cindy Clark, DA

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  1. No that building is the new Bio museum. The architect was Frank Gehry who also designed the Guggenheim museum. It is really unique. It also looks incredible as you drive through Panama City.

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