Antigua, Guatemala: Common Hope

Volunteering for Common Hope is a way for me to give back to the community as being a dentist. I travel to Guatemala three times a year through this organization to provide health care and education to poor families and children living in San Rafael, Antigua or surrounding communities. This way we want to promote hope for the population and prevent future poverty, as people who come to us often want to improve their lives.

Common Hope partners  with another organization called Hands of Hope. That enables us to build more clinics and increase access to health care. Their medical clinic is located in San Rafael and has a dentistry room available for us. Both have been active in Guatemala for a long period of time, CH for over 25 years and HoH for over 14 years.

Familias de Esperanza is the Antigua site where we have a three chair dental clinic.  This is the area I travelled to on this seven day trip with my partner, Dr. Trent Anderson and our wives as companions. Compared to the many extractions we do because of infrequent dentist visits in the very poor San Rafael community, we do more restorative and preventive dental treatment in Antigua, where there is more ongoing care. In the picture below you see our dental clinic in San Rafael.

dental clinic in San Rafael

We are very grateful and thankful to the Henry Schein Cares Foundation for all the donated supplies. They enable us to do our work and expand health care within the poor communities. In other terms, we are able to treat between 80 and 100 patients on each trip to Guatemala.

Many thanks!
Dr. Stephen Humbert