Balik Paete Medical Mission

balik paete 2

This past summer, the Balik Paete Medical Mission took place in support of medical, surgical, ophthalmological and dental care to the underserved natives of Paete, Philippines. The mission was headed by the organization’s President Remigio C. Milan and Co-Chairman Dr. Raul M. Naval.

The mission was a collaborative effort with several volunteers from the United States, Australia, Canada and the Philippines. There were more than 20 doctors and physician’s assistants. The staff also included two surgical teams, over 12 nurses and midwives, and several ancillaries. Local volunteers were quintessential in organizing, as they coordinated transportation, supplied food,  and ran errands. Each individual person contributed in their own way to help make this mission as effective as it was. The volunteer staff was imperative to this trip’s success.

Three full days were dedicated to providing services to roughly 2,000 patients of all ages. The majority of the patients were treated for medical and dental conditions, some of which even required surgery. Each patient was examined and looked at individually, assuring that each individual received the proper health care.

The Balik Paete Medical Mission Team were very thankful for the donations they received as well as all of the volunteer help. They expressed their sincere gratitude to the Henry Schein Cares Foundation for donating all of the medical, wound, dental care equipment, supplies and medications.

“The mission would not have been possible without all the above volunteers and our sponsors, especially the Henry Schein Cares Foundation,” Milan said.

We were more than happy to contribute to this successful medical mission and we will always, ‘Keep The Paete Spirit Alive.’