Barnabas Task Dominican Medical Dental Mission 2015

Team arrives
Team arrives Santiago

Our medical dental mission trip to Cien Feugos, Dominican Republic started January 24, 2015.  Our main team arrived in Santiago, Dominican Republic Airport to join ten team members that had arrived earlier to set up the dental clinic in advance of the main team.

Our plan is to provide medical and dental care to the people in the barrios of Cien Feugos, Dominican Republic.  This is an area of 160 barrios of 300,000 people located 45 minutes from the city of Santiago.  This is an area infested with crime, sex abuse, drugs and poverty.  Many there do not own title to property let alone a birth certificate.  They are a very needy people but a very appreciative and proud people.  We are going to an area where the streets are dirt, electricity is intermittent and the city water source can be unavailable.

Team walking the streets
Team walking the streets
Chrisy 8_2
2015 Medical Dental Team

January 26th through January 29th medical and dental clinics were open to serve the people in Cien Fuegos.  Our medical and dental team was comprised of an emergency medicine doctor, a physician assistant, three nurse practitioners, four nurses, four dentists, three dental assistants, three dental hygienists, a pharmacist and eleven other support persons.

The dental clinic was set up in the open-air cafeteria of the Compassion Ministries School and Church.  This was the second year that we have been at this location.

Compassion Ministries site
Compassion Ministries site
Image 3
PUCUMM dental students

We moved the tables and benches out of the cafeteria, cleaned the floors and set up the nine chair dental clinic.  We had four chairs providing dental cleanings, five chairs providing dental extractions and two additional dental chairs set up in a separate clinic room that we had created the previous year for a future permanent free dental clinic.  There were several dental students each day from PUCUMM University that volunteered their day at the dental clinic.

Dental Hygiene Area

In the dental clinic we were able to provide dental cleanings to 164 patients.  We provided 139 patients with extraction of one or more hopeless teeth.  We were able to restore the smiles of 39 patients with multiple composite restorations.  An impact on many lives occurred during the week the clinic was open.

Surgery Area
Surgery Area







Surgery Instrument table
Surgery Instrument table








Image 1
Dental health education in school
Image 4
Application of fluoride varnish

Members of our team and Dominicans team up and were able to go into schools and provide dental education, apply fluoride varnish and give toothbrushes to 400 children ages 7-9.

The two chair dental room will now be available to provide care to the people  of Cien Feugos.   Through connections made with two Dominican dentist, they have  agreed t o start the free dental clinic at the Compassion Ministry Center.  This is exciting to see the continuation of the Dental mission that was started four years ago in Cien Feugos.

The medical clinic was located across the street from the dental clinic in an open-air pavilion and the Dominican Ministry of Health medical station. The patients would be

Medical open-air pavilion
People waiting for clinics to open
Team member giving pt.examination.


waiting daily to be seen.  The patients would have blood pressures checked and triage to the appropriate medical staff for IMG_7129 treatment.  There where a large variety of conditions identified and treated.  The treatment given was for flu like symptoms, skin sores, head lice, hypertension and diabetes to name a few.  The medical team were able to provide treatment for the ladies including PAP smear and gynecologic examinations.  The team did blood pressure and diabetes screening.  They identified 75-100 people that were seen by  Dr. Ramos and his cardiologist group to be treated and to have further follow-up on the final day of clinic.  The medical team treated 650 patients while the clinic was open.  While the clinic was open we also had a pharmacy with a pharmacist that provided vitamins and prescribed medications for the patients.  Many were treated for hypertension and diabetes with the medications that were dispensed.

We are very grateful and thankful for the donations that Henry Schein Cares and others provided.  Through these donations we were able to treat and diagnose illness like never before.  We look forward to future trips to Cien Feugos to assist the people and to further the development of prevention and health education.  A trip is already being planned for 2016.

Waiting at the pharmacy
Waiting at the pharmacy