Chandigahr – Amritsar, India

This winter I had the privilege of leading a medical team in organizing a medical clinic in North India. India is a country of great poverty. Many people live on less than $1.25 a day! On top of that there is a great shortage of doctors. In fact there is only one doctor for every five million people. Clearly, this all adds up to a lot of people going without much needed medical and dental care. During our clinic, we were able to provide free care and hygiene items to 474 patients with a wide variety of needs.  I was so thankful God allowed me to be a part of this! 

The clinic could not have been so successful, however, without the many generous donors such as the Henry Schein Cares Foundation! One of the most difficult aspects of the trip is stretching the funds to get all the needed supplies. The Henry Schein Cares Foundation greatly eased that burden by supplying floss, toothbrushes, and toothpastes as well as pediatric fluoride varnish kits.  With these supplies we were able to hand out dental hygiene kits to our patients and educate them on proper brushing and flossing.

Dental disease is a major worldwide health problem and has been linked with other major problems such as diabetes and heart disease.  In other words, our oral health plays a significant role in our overall health. Parental education and fluoride varnishes such as those donated help prevent early dental carries and aggressive tooth decay in young children. Providing dental hygiene education and materials is one of the highest impact services we can provide with a long lasting effect.  God really blessed us and the people of India with this generous donation. Thank you Henry Schein Cares Foundation!