Cienaguita, Panama

Wednesday November 13, 2012

Today, we loaded the bus and headed back to the clinic at 7:00 a.m. After a couple of stops along the way to the market and hardware store we arrived at the clinic. We were served a hearty breakfast and off to work we went. We expected to see about 35 patients but as always seems to be the case, the need was greater. Many of the local people travel great distances seeking dental care. We saw several children today and did many extractions and fillings. One young man stands out in my mind. His name was Jon and he was 14 years old. Three of Jon’s anterior teeth were badly decayed and full of holes. He was a very handsome boy with a hesitant smile. We were able to put fillings in all three teeth and do a root canal on one of them, fully restoring his mouth. After completion, Jon looked in the mirror and gave us a great big grin. We joked with him that he will find a Seniorita with that handsome smile. Another woman had to have two teeth extracted and her small daughter was by her side. I sensed that the little girl new her mama was in pain so she stood by her side consoling her.
Later in the afternoon, the founder of the clinic arrived from David with more equipment to help make our job even more efficient. Thanks to Dr. K.
Our team has a great rhythm and we are able to flow quickly and efficiently so as to see as many patients as possible. We feel blessed to be able to serve and help those in pain.

Cindy Clark, D. A.