Clarendon Memorial Hospital Provides Access to Care for their Community of Manning, SC

12179923_10153787313772160_2017776362_nThis past fall, The Cypress Foundation of Clarendon Memorial Hospital helped their community in Manning, South Carolina gain access to medical and dental care with a Health and Wellness Fair. Volunteers set up stations where different screenings and activities took place. Nurses and employees of the Clarendon Health System donated their time to participate and help with all areas of the fair. A volunteer dentist, Dr. Ray Langston, performed the oral exams, and Dr. Gary Culbertson, a plastic surgeon, performed skin exams. Other exams included eye, hearing, blood pressure and testing.

The team provided care for over 400 attendees with the help of 40 vendors. As a result of all of the screenings, the volunteers were able to identify two cases of high Prostate Specific-Antigen (PSA), a blood test to identify indicators of prostate cancer, and nine abnormal Electrocardiograms (EKG).

At the end of the day there were: 30 skin exams, more than 200 blood sugar tests and blood pressure checks, 60 hearing exams and 61 eye exams. Nine people were referred to doctors and after 40 oral exams, one person tested positive for oral cancer. From the results of these free screenings, people are now aware of the risks they may be facing and can get the treatment they need.

My favorite memory of the health fair was seeing all of the smiling faces knowing that they were getting tests that they wouldn’t normally have because of funding or because of they could not afford to have a family doctor. There were multiple people that called just to say thanks for providing the public with great customer service and health tests.