Community Health Partnership-Honduras

We just returned from our recent and incredibly successful combined medical and dental mission in La Florida, Opatoro, Honduras. We have been partnering with a local physician and dentist in this  extremely poor and underserved town and the  surrounding 17 communities for the past 3 years. We have come to know the community well, and the patients and local dentist and physician look forward to our visits. Not only do we care for their more difficult cases and many patients on a longitudinal basis, but we provide teaching to the on-site professionals and community health care volunteers, in what we consider to be a very sustainable venture. This recent trip was incredibly fruitful and between the physicians and dentists, we saw over 1,150 patients.

In addition to preventive dental work and extractions provided by our dentists, our medical team treated the following conditions: HTN urgency, diabetes mellitus with and without complications, acute angioedema, multiple cases of severe osteoarthritis, Lichen planus, Tinea cruris and corporis, Headache, Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, urinary tract infections, chikungunya virus, cerumen impactions, pica, mastitis,  pregnancy, abnormal growths on cervix, dermatitis, cutaneous malignancy, symptomatic keloids, GI reflux, absence seizures, depression, spina bifida, club feet, shingles, spider in an ear, abdominal mass likely due to malignancy, abnormal uterine bleeding, vitiligo, cystocele, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoid, congestive heart failure, gastroenteritis, congenital heart defects, H pylori infection, warts, toe ulcer, severe acute pneumonia in 6 month old, child abuse, aortic stenosis, lichen sclerosis et atrophicus, parkinsonism, non-union of remote fracture of radius/ulna, bed sores in paraplegic,and restless legs syndrome.

Our work was also picked up by two local newspapers, NewsTimes and The Newtown Bee.

We could not have done our work without the largesse and generosity of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation. Their generous gifts provided us with many medications, supplies, and durable medical equipment that allowed us to perform our work.

On behalf of our medical team and the entire region in Honduras, we want to thank Henry Schein Cares for their support. We would not have been able to be nearly as successful without their donations.  

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