Day 3

Today was the second day of visiting the school up in the mountains. We saw approximately 75+ children and diagnosed several with badly decayed teeth. We are fortunate to have been able to put sealants on several children’s 6 year and/or 12 year molars in hope of preventing these permanent teeth from becoming decayed. Our education program and oral hygiene instruction was well received by the children who were all eyes and ears listening to the presentation, then actively participating in the hands-on portion learning the proper way to brush their teeth and the use of disclosing tablets to show the areas they were missing when they brushed.

The clinic stayed busy today with many children from both of the local schools. The doctors placed several fillings and extracted several teeth. The clinic should have another busy day tomorrow with more children from the schools.

At the end of our day we were treated to the site of a rogue bull being lassoed by 2 cowboys and a couple of dogs in the middle of the road. The bull lost!