Free Health Care Services Successfully Provided to Hundreds of Ensenada’s Citizens

A group of medical, optometry, and dental teams visited the area of Ensenada, Mexico for five days.  There was not one day during our trip that we stayed in the same location.  We traveled to various areas either within the city of Ensenada or nearby.


As a safety precaution, we had police escort us to each of the locations and they stay with us throughout the day.  In addition, we had lunch with the mayor of Ensenada to ease the political ramifications associated with providing free health care.


Over the course of the entire trip, we screened and treated 100 patients in each of the dental categories.  We performed many restorations and extractions because of the high frequency of patient caries.


We worked with students from various schools that helped our mission trip be such a success.  The students did a number of things such as rotating between stations daily and setting up new clinics in under an hour.  At one school the parents even provided us with lunch!

All of the products and supplies donated by the Henry Schein Cares Foundation were used throughout the trip.