Grand Rapids Medical & Dental Teams Bring Access to Care in Haiti

With a mission to bring access to care to underserved areas of Haiti, the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty hosted a group of 11 medical and dental professionals from Grand Rapids, Michigan this past spring. The team consisted of one pediatrician, one OB-GYN, a geriatric nurse practitioner, one dentist, one pediatric infectious disease nurse, one obstetrical/NNICU nurse, a speech/language pathologist, as well as support staff. Several team members had made previous visits to Haiti for the same cause, which helped the trip run smoothly.

The Henry Schein Cares Foundation provided us with health care kits full of medical equipment such as ear speculums, tongue blades, lancets, hand sanitizer, glucose meter strips, urinalysis strips and more. Because of these health care kits, we were able to supply the proper care for the immediate needs of several hundred Haitians. We serviced children in a school in Les Beaux and the surrounding community. Those hundreds of children were each given a yearly wellness exam as well as several hundred assessments of current problems. The problems witnessed by our team ranged from skin infestations and ear infections to headaches and abdominal pain.

Education is a very important part of detection and prevention. Dozens of women received complete examinations which was accompanied by education related to what constitutes normal vs. pathology. School children were given reproductive health care education with scale models. We discussed STD’s and talked about pregnancy prevention.

Vision and hearing screenings were obtained to identify needs for subsequent interventions. Our dentist extracted teeth from multiple patients who suffered from infection. We would like to thank our entire staff who helped treat all kinds of patients in need, as well as Henry Schein for providing us with health care materials that lessened our cost. We look forward to making yet another trip out to Haiti to help those in need.