Helping the homeless – May 3rd, 2015

On May 3rd 2015 we once again went to the streets of Detroit, MI to help our homeless population.  We had the good fortune of running into another group called “The 2 FISH, 5 LOAVES misistry.”  On this occasion we were able to pass out all of our remaining hygeine kits which are the very first things the people ask for and then our “street peeps” were treated to a lunch of deep fried fish, green beans, corns and much more.   Thanks to Henry Schein and all of our friends who are doing so much good to help those in need!! WP_20150503_003 - Copy WP_20150503_003 WP_20150503_009 - Copy WP_20150503_009 WP_20150503_014 - Copy WP_20150503_014 WP_20150503_024 - Copy