Highlands of Guatemala, Iaomai Medical Ministries

We from Iaomai Medical Ministries care about the quality of life for children, families and communities worldwide and focus on improving that through advanced healthcare. On January 5th our team left for a two week trip to the highlands of Guatemala. The population is indigenous and has poor opportunities for advanced healthcare, which is why we decided to reach out to them.

God brought together an amazing team of volunteers to provide healing to many people in Guatemala. The leadership of Iaomai cannot begin to thank them enough for the sacrifice of time, talent and money that they all provided to make this trip a success for all of us. We ask that they keep telling others what a blessing they gave and received by joining us on this adventure.

We also express our thanks to the Henry Schein Cares Foundation for donating the supplies that made it possible to provide the needed healthcare. We were able to do 54 surgeries and 135 dental evaluations and treatments. Furthermore we saw 650 people in our clinic, counseled and prayed with hundreds of them and eventually changed the world view of 35 volunteers. Setting up the hospital, clinic, recovery, pharmacy, ORs and our fine sleeping quarters was an organized chaos, but so worthwhile when looking back at our achievements.

One of the many amazing stories to be told is that of a little girl called Candi. She was an orphaned child living in the hospital, but now lives in a loving group home. It would be justified to describe this trip as miraculous. Again many thanks to all of our volunteers and to Henry Schein Cares Foundation.

Greg, Melinda, Amanda, Jonathan