HSC Medalist: First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Winner of the Silver Medal in the Animal Health category of the 2017 Henry Schein Cares Medal program, First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP) is a Florida-based nonprofit whose goal is to end the killing of shelter cats and dogs in their community, northeast Florida, southeast Georgia, and across the nation.

They take a multi-faceted approach to combating this issue at the source, providing free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, hosting adoption initiatives, and promoting pet-retention for owners. 

Below is the story of one special dog that was saved by two Good Samaritans and the team at a FCNMHP veterinary hospital.

Good Samaritans Jump to Action to Save Blondie

A Florida resident, Chris, and his friend were driving along one day when something caught Chris’s eye. He did a double take – a puppy was being attacked by two much larger dogs. It took the two men a moment to process what they were seeing, but for Chris, upon realizing the horror this dog was facing, there was no doubt what they would do next. They screeched to a stop and ran toward the dogs.

Their brave action saved the puppy from catastrophic injuries, but she was still injured, weak, and tired.

Fortunately, they knew about First Coast No More Homeless Pets and our Cassat Regional Veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville. Chris was sure that it was one hospital that would not turn away an animal in need of critical care.


The hospital’s team treated the puppy’s wounds and ran some tests on her. Unfortunately, a parvovirus test came back positive. Chris was devastated – he had fallen in love with the puppy and could not bear to see her suffer — but he and his friend could scarcely afford parvo treatment.

Thankfully, FCNMHP was able to draw upon community charitable funds dedicated to just this type of case. The funds covered the parvo treatment, healing the pup of her virus and allowing Chris to keep his new best friend, now named “Blondie.”


Blondie visited the FCNMHP veterinary hospital three times for her parvo treatments. She was still scared, timid, and weak on her final visit to FCNMHP, but Chris has since shown us just how far Blondie has come.


Chris let us know that Blondie is doing much better now! She is happy and healthy in her new home with her best friend, Chris.



This video is a touching view of the love they share for each other, and a reminder that there is no price too great for the special bond that forms between a rescued dog and her savior.

About First Coast No More Homeless Pets

FCNMHP was the silver medalist in the national 2017 Henry Schein Cares Medal program in the animal health category.

Over the past decade, we have touched thousands of lives, helping pet owners, their pets and our community. Our name is our mission as we support people across our primary 18 county service area with free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, low-cost veterinary care, adoption events and animal retention programs for First Coast residents.

Founded in 2002, FCNMHP has become a national thought leader and a key partner for local shelters in lowering euthanasia rates. FCNMHP is a vital part of the metro Jacksonville community as the area has achieved national recognition for reaching our No-Kill 90% goal with our local partners.

Please visit www.fcnmhp.org to learn more about our mission and our impact.

Learn more about the Henry Schein Cares Medal program and how it recognizes excellence in expanding access to animal health care in this letter from the HSCF Co-Chair, Dr. Louis Sullivan.

Applications for the 2017 HSC Medal program are now open. Learn more and apply here.