Kindersmile Outreach Trip 2012

We went to Grace international in port au prince Haiti for four days. Dr. McGrath was accompanied by Dr. Abena Asare, Dental hygienist Steven Vassell, 16 junior board members, and chaperones. The Doctors preformed basic examinations, cleanings and some extractions for those that needed. By the end of the trip all members of the Kindersmile outreach trip helped a grand total of 474 kids and a few adults.

The thing that made this trip special for most if not all members on the trip was the reaction of the patients after they got their treatments. We could all see that their visit to the dentist had made their day and may have very well changed their lives. Another thing that made the trip special was the bonds that were created within the junior board members DR’s and chaperones. Several junior boards members said that after a trip like that people are no longer friends they are like family.

Julian Spain, and junior board president Laurence Whittam, wearing their Helping Health Happen shirts at the Grace International boys home for orphan boys.
Kindersmile founder Dr. Nicole McGrath, overseeing construction of toothbrush station.


Laurence Whittam, President of the junior board interacting with one of the kids from the boy’s home.
The Spain's from left Erin Spain, Julian Spain, Stephanie Spain, and Dr.McGrath..
Several children from the boy’s orphanage along with the finished toothbrush station.
This crowd of people trying to get the last of our goody bags. The bags contained simple things such as a toothbrush, tooth paste and others. An older lady received the last bag and the towns people began to fight her for its contents.
Dr. McGrath working on a child from the tent camp.
A good number of the children had rotten teeth that needed to be extracted. Unfortunately some of the teeth could not be extracted with the tools the doctors had.
This picture shows a big crowd of school kids that all came in a wave. The number of students that came all at once caused some chaos and confusion that was eventually solved.
We saw 474 children during our trip and took statistical notes on all of them. All the children that we saw had to go past registration for information purposes. Name and age were needed so the dentists knew what procedures to use.