A Medical Mission at Home in Washington, DC


While we often hear about the health needs of at-risk communities around the world, it’s surprising that sometimes we overlook the needs of our own neighbors. 

In an effort to serve our community in-need in Ward 8 and the surrounding Washington DC area, Providence Health System hosted our second annual Medical Mission at Home (MMaH), a day of Hope, Health and Healing.



This Medical Mission at Home event helped to deliver on our Mission to serve all persons with special attention to those who are struggling the most.

Providence and its partners delivered free health care and social and support services to more than 75 people in the DC area seeking services from health screens and education, medical and dental care to podiatry, foot washing, and prayer.

Our Ward 8 Councilmember LaRuby May greeted volunteers and patients while a range of professionals provided much needed services — with joy, care, and respect.

So many people did their part to serve the community: physicians, dentists, nurses, residents, pharmacists, social workers, dental students, associates and their family members!



Together, we were able to deliver the following services to the DC area:

– 61 people received medical care;

– More than half of those individuals received dental care, including extractions and fillings;

– 15% received foot care including seeing a podiatrist, experiencing foot washing and receiving new socks;

– 30% sought spiritual counseling; and

– 10% received behavioral healthcare services.



Our lead dentist, Dr. Michael F. Lamb, DDS was proud of the care provided and grateful to all who helped.

“I would like to personally thank Matt Rice and Henry Schein Cares Foundation for their generous donation of both their time and supplies. Without Henry Schein’s help my staff and the other dental volunteers wouldn’t have been able to provide the care to the number of patients we treated that day,” Dr. Lamb said.

“On a more personal note, I would like to single out the invaluable role Matt Rice specifically played. Without Matt’s help the Dental role would have been severely limited. Matt you have a saying, ‘I do that.’ Yes, you certainly do!”