Mission Emanual Medical and Dental Mission Trip 4/14

Mission Trip to Mission Emanuel, Dominican Republic

April 36-May 3, 2014


Hope Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, NC had the opportunity to partner with Mission Emanuel, www.missionemanuel.org, in a trip providing pediatric care, women’s health education and dental care to a community in Cielo, Dominican Republic. Cielo is a poor community outside the capital city of Santo Domingo. Mission Emanuel has been present in Cielo for over 30 years. They have provided many specific services including a water purification plant, a pediatric clinic, a dental clinic, an early intervention program providing physical, occupational and speech therapies to special needs children, schools, a women’s cooperative providing employment to women of the village, a wheelchair factory for special needs individuals and a community health outreach program.

The pediatric team consisted of a general pediatrician and a pediatric emergency medicine physician. They partnered with a Dominican pediatrician to provide well and sick pediatric care to approximately 30 children per day. Routine sick visits were treated including colds, ear infections, asthma exacerbations and skin conditions. The team had the opportunity to treat a deep tissue abscess of the hand in a Haitian child that did not have access to medical care at the hospital.

The dental team consisted of a dentist and other team members that functioned as dental assistants. They partnered with a Dominican dentist to provide dental preventive care and restoration to 10-12 children a day.

The women’s health team was made up of a Women’s Health nurse practitioner and an Ob/gyn nurse. They made home visits to pregnant and postpartum women in the village. They brought a Doppler to allow pregnant women to hear their babies’ heartbeats for the first time. They also educated on women’s health issues.

The team was very impressed with the quality of care provided by the Dominican staff of Mission Emanuel and is looking forward to partnering with them in the future.