Mission Haiti Medical

This past April 2015, another group traveled to Saint Ard, Haiti to provide medical and dental services.  Mission Haiti Medical’s mission is to show God’s love through medical care.  With the help of organizations like the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, we gave medicine and toothbrushes; watched blood pressures; educated village people; and extracted teeth.  We drove into, or hiked up to, where the people live and set up day clinics in a primitive fashion, going to new villages each day.  All care was provided by volunteers and no fees were charged for services.

An exciting addition to the organization is that after having groups go to Haiti several times a year for over 15 years, Mission Haiti Medical is working to complete building and certification of a hospital.  Through this, Haitians will be employed to provide 24 hour care, offer follow up exams, and form a health care alliance between the American NGO and the local medical personnel.  Some of the donations recently provided by Henry Schein will also be used in the hospital’s new dental clinic.

We are grateful for the help Schein has given us several times in the past years.  The Haitian people are a little healthier as a result of your donations.