Nicaragua Health Delegation Trip



My trip to Leon, Nicaragua was incredible. With my university I went down about a week and a half ago as a health delegate to promote the importance of oral health and the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Being a surgical assistant for an oral surgeon for a few years now, this topic really resonated with me and I wanted to bring my knowledge from that experience with the science behind it to the next level in my travels. I presented my poster at a wellness fair where goodie bags of dental supplies were distributed to families in need. For the following four days I taught at schools around the Leon area. At one school in particular, an orphanage named Jacinta, I donated the remainder of my dental supplies to my class at the end. I taught the children how to floss, which I believe they have never done before before that point. The smiles on their faces being given the supplies I will never forget. The Henry Schein Cares Foundation was able to make my project come to life, specifically after my teaching in Jacinta. I cannot thank them enough for their participation in my project and for the help that they gave to this beautiful community.