The Nine Lives of Henry Schein

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Meet Henry Schein, our favorite rescue cat in St. Louis.

Henry Schein the cat

Henry Schein was taken in by Stray Rescue of St. Louis as an injured kitten. Thanks to their care, he is now a healthy and happy cat.

Stray Rescue is a no-kill animal rehab, shelter, and adoption organization. Foremost, they take in stray animals, give them medical care, and find them new homes with adoptive families.

Learn more in the story below, written by Stray Rescue’s Cat Program Coordinator, recounting Henry Schein’s rescue, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Supposedly, cats have nine lives. By the time we found Henry Schein, an injured stray kitten, he must have used up a few of those lives already.

We didn’t really know what to expect when we got a call about him. When he arrived at the shelter, he was in severe pain, with large open wounds where a plastic ring was embedded into his skin, and his wounds were filled with maggots.

From what we could tell, it looked like he was a curious stray kitten who poked his head through a medical tape ring. To make it even worse, he also put his front leg through it and got stuck. As he grew, it was obvious he couldn’t get out of the ring.

Henry Schein as a kitten, caught in a plastic ring with bad wounds. He is being healed at Stray Rescue.

Scared to death, this poor kitten was still and frozen as we cut off the ring and cleaned out his wounds. As our medical team worked on him, we tried to think of an appropriate name. After considering a few options, we chose to name him Henry Schein since he was caught in a tape ring and we couldn’t treat our injured pets without our Henry Schein medical supplies.

As Henry Schein began to heal medically, he also began to heal emotionally. He lived at the shelter in a cage for a month to help us socialize him.

He quickly learned that people can be nice and he began to purr and warm up to us. As he learned to trust, he liked to be held but was still very afraid of his new surroundings.

Soon, it became apparent he was ready for a foster home to continue his journey in becoming a happy and healthy kitten!

Henry Schein the cat lounges in foster care

We knew foster care would help heal Henry Schein. He learned to feel comfortable and quickly blossomed into a social kitten. He lived with other cats and a dog and the connection between him and his foster brother dog was immediate. He enjoyed chasing the dog’s tail, running after his kitty friends, and most of all, he learned to love his foster parents.

Henry Schien the cat is now grown up and healthy

His fears went away with the help of his new friends. Once comfortable, he was able to forget his rough beginnings and the Henry Schein we originally saw was no longer recognizable.

One of the families who has previously adopted from Stray Rescue brought Henry Schein to his new home. Today, Henry Schein shares his life with two cat friends, and an amazing forever family.

When the team at Henry Schein Animal Health learned about Henry Schein the cat, they knew that he and Stray Rescue deserved something special. So the team put together a care package of supplies as a donation for Stray Rescue and brave animals like Henry Schein.

Stray Rescue receives a donation of supplies from Henry Schein Animal Health

Cats may have nine lives, but Henry Schein has a new lease on this life thanks to Stray Rescue. 

Dana Widmer is the Cat Program Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator at Stray Rescue of St. Louis.