Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Haiti Foundation Against Poverty

On January 19, 2013 we left for Haiti Foundation Against Poverties’ first dental mission trip… what an experience! Our goal was to serve the poor, the widowed and the orphaned. With the Generosity of Henry Schein Care Foundation and many other donations we were able to help hundreds of Haitian people smile the week we were there.

Our journey began at the school. There we saw 200 school children and their staff including teachers, cooks, custodian and guards. The last day on this location we were able to see family members of the school children and staff. Then we moved on to the Orphan where we treated 14 children and about 30 staff members. Also on this location we saw family and friends on the last day. Patients were being treated in a make shift clinic, lying in a lawn chair.

Since most of the patients had never been to a dentist before, it took them a lot of courage to approach us in order to be examined or worked on. We thank God for giving that courage to them and for giving us the strength to get through these long and busy days.


We are proud of the number of people, over 450, that we served during our 1 week stay. Our services included exams, varnishing and education. Giving tooth brush and flossing instructions should help the Haitians taking care of their oral health in general and preventing oral diseases. Our dentist provided a lot of extractions, too many to count.

A simple thank you would not cover our feelings towards Henry Schein’s generosity. It is thanks to their supplies that we were able to complete this mission and provide the medical care that is needed. We are already looking forward to a sequel of this trip.

Thank you and God bless you!