Providing Health Care to 1,000 Jamaica Residents



Mind, Body andSoul Health Ministry’s mission is to provide transformative opportunities for healing in populations in rural St. Ann, Jamaica where there is the greatest need. Our strategy has been to provide medical, dental, spiritual and mental healthcare and education to the underprivileged in communities where we have lived and understand the genuine and urgent needs.

Mind Body & Soul Health Ministry Mission 2012, August 7-10, was to Alexandria and the surrounding communities in rural St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. Our base was the Alexandria Community Hospital, Alexandria, St. Ann. This institution was formerly a Type C Hospital.  Services at the facility were reduced in 1984 duringthe government’s rationalization of the health system. Very limited primary care services are now provided to the public.

The mission team started arriving in Jamaica on July 28, 2012. The medical supplies, pharmaceutical, back to school supplies, food and clothing were cleared through custom and the preparations for distribution was done during the week before the official mission period. Hospital workers and other local volunteers assisted in the preparation of the triage area, patient rooms, dental facility, mission pharmacy, and gift packaging the distribution areas.

On Tuesday morning when we arrived for the start of the mission we were surprised to see a disciplined crow of over 400 people waiting for us. As registration got underway we soon realize that dental services was a major need and we would not be able to assist as many people as we would like to as we only had one dentist on our team.

We served approximately 1000 people.   About 75% of the patients seen were in the area of general medicine and 25% dental procedures that were overdue and life-threatening in some instances.  Respiratory Infections, women wellness and hypertension were the major medical concerns seen during the 4 days of treatments. Over 100 Pap smears and mammograms were performed. The population was widespread from babies to geriatric. Wheelchairs, walkers and crutches were also distributed to amputees at the hospital and in the community.

Our evangelism team reached out to the people individually and in groups to encourage the fostering of spiritual relationships with Christ that promote morally healthy lifestyles. There were over 100 who committed their live to Christ and were encourage to join a congregation of their choice. Families were also treated to care packages that included basic food items, dental supplies, toiletries, back to school supplies for students, and clothing. The Mission team also administered care to shut-ins in the communities and visited the local orphanage for disabled kids.

On Thursday August 9, 2012 the Minister of health for Jamaica visited the hospital. Our president, Hillary Morgan, was able to accompany him on his tour of the facility and had the chance to speak to the Minister and his team about the Vision of Mind Body & Soul Health Ministry in the upgrade of the facility to a first class institution.

Our volunteers of nurses, doctors, dentist and social workers diagnosed and treated patients; establish partnerships with local health care workers; and foster principles of preventative health care and healthy lifestyles that will improve the quality of life of the people. It is most gratifying to meet their physical needs, but even more fulfilling is the long-term value from adding a foundation of spiritual and mental health counseling to provide a healthy outlook and vision for a better future.

Thanks Henry Schein for impacting our generation with your gift of love. Your contribution has inspired hope and peace for broken lives.