Quito Barrio Outreach Mission

Thank you, Henry Schein Cares, for your support of our medical mission to Quito, Ecuador.  Our organization (Quito Barrio Outreach, www.quitobarriooutreach.org) recently returned from a successful trip.  We worked in a medical clinic in Colinas del Norte,one of the poorest barrios in Quito, delivering primary care and cardiology services.  Many people in desperate need rely on Quito Barrio Outreach (QBO) for help; patients come from nearby Rancho Alto and Mirador to receive services.

This year QBO had one cardiologist, one nurse practitioner, two registered nurses, four translators, and one college student.  Together, these talented individuals were able to help over 250 patients with extremely varied conditions.





We also left any of the additional donations (EKG machines, monitors, and defibrillators, as well as the medications and medical supplies from the Henry Schein Foundation) for the clinic to use for the remainder of the year.  We hope to return next year to resupply the clinic.