Salinas, Ecuador Mission – October, 2012

The Ecuadent Foundation has been completing both dental and medical mission trips to towns and cities throughout Ecuador since 1990. Over the past 22 years we have developed many great partnerships with the government of Ecuador. This October in conjunction with the Navy of Ecuador we completed a dental mission to the city of Salinas, Province of Santa Elena. This was Ecuadent’s second dental mission to Salinas and we could not have been happier to be back! Our dental missions focused on the treatment of children and educating children and their families on the importance of dental hygiene. The children we treated came from the towns surrounding Salinas. The children come from families that fish for a living and often live in poor conditions.

During five short treatment days we are happy to report that 19 volunteers, made up of 5 dentists and assistants, 4 hygienists and a handful of support staff were able to treat 577 children and performed 2,851 procedures.

The breakdown of the dental procedures performed are as follows:

Cleanings: 577
Fluoride Treatments: 418
Extractions: 102
Restorations: 880
Sealants: 820
Pulpotomies: 22
Other: 32

During this mission we also distributed thousands of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and pamphlets in Spanish on the proper way to brush. While waiting to be seen the children watch videos and demonstrations on brushing their teeth.

Thank you very much Henry Schein for helping us reach the many impoverished children we saw during our mission.