Schein’s Pupdates: Becoming a Canine Companions for Independence Assistant Dog

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Schein is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy, which means he is no ordinary dog.

He’s got an important future ahead of him. Schein is being raised and specially trained to become an assistance dog. He’s going to help a child or adult with disabilities increase their independence by being a friend and lending a helping hand paw.

Schein is being raised by Sallie, a volunteer puppy raiser, who will care for him and train him for 18 months. He will then graduate to special training with Canine Companions, and ultimately find his “furever home” with a human companion who needs his help.

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Hi there! My name is Sallie and I am a volunteer Puppy Raiser for Canine Companions for Independence.

My husband, Charlie, and I weren’t ready to be “empty nesters” when our son went to college, so we decided to raise puppies for Canine Companions. Super Fun!

We so enjoy having a puppy in the house, what with all of their silly antics and darling innocence. Schein is the fourth puppy we’ve raised for Canine Companions, and now we almost don’t feel normal when we don’t have a young one.

Canine Companions is the largest provider of assistance dogs in the United States.

It is a nonprofit organization, and assistance dogs are provided at no cost to the people who need them. As a volunteer, I donate my time and energy to house, train, socialize and care for assistance dogs-to-be.

My job as a Puppy Raiser is to keep Schein for his first one-and-a-half years and teach him 30 basic commands, like “sit,” “stay,” and “down.” For the first few weeks, I would say potty training takes a precedence over everything and Schein has been a superstar!

I’ve had Schein for two months now, and it has been a short but enchanting time. He is imaginative and self-sufficient, and he has learned his name and some basic commands already!


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By Sallie Carey, Canine Companions for Independence Volunteer Puppy Raiser in Columbus, OH

Sallie and Schein

Editor’s note: Henry Schein, Inc. is a proud partner of Canine Companions for Independence. The company provides puppy raisers with “care packages” filled with supplies to help raise puppies during their first 18 months and works with many of the puppies’ veterinarians. Schein is also becoming fast friends with Team Schein Members in the Henry Schein Animal Health office in Ohio!

Here’s Schein and Sallie, along with fellow puppy raiser Marty and her pup Ambrosia,. They met Fran Dirksmeier, President of Henry Schein Animal Health in Dublin, Ohio.