Schein’s Pupdates: Growing Up Grateful

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Schein is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy, which means he is no ordinary dog.

Through Canine Companions, he is learning to help a child or adult with disabilities increase their independence by being a friend and lending a helping hand paw.

Schein is being raised by Sallie, a volunteer puppy raiser, who will care for him and train him for 18 months. He’ll then go through Professional Training and ultimately find his “furever home” with a human companion who needs his help.

Read our “Pupdates” every month to learn more about Schein’s adventures!

November was a busy month for Schein. While he continued working on commands, he also made some public appearances on behalf of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).

Reflecting on the month, we are so thankful that our busy days are filled with all good things!

Schein in an "Under" while his handler enjoys a Thanksgiving dinner. At puppy class at CCI this month, he worked on table manners. With a mock Thanksgiving dinner buffet filled with kibble and treats, Schein and the other CCI puppies worked on the “Under” command.

As the “doorbell” rang and “company” arrived, the puppies had to remain calm. When Schein is a service dog, this will be an important skill as he accompanies his handler in social settings.

During this same class with Kristy, Schein and the puppies also worked on sitting calmly while their handler receives instructions. Staying in “Under” meant no begging, and no snatching food that falls to the floor. This is an important lesson for future CCI service dogs because medications may fall to the floor in many households and most are dangerous for dogs.

Schein attended class with another puppy raiser, Kristy, while I was away. I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made in the Columbus CCI community. The team at CCI and my fellow puppy raisers like Kristy create a great support system to help one another do our best for the puppies!

A highlight from November was attending a CCI Graduation for the North Central Region.

Schein got to meet Lane, the puppy we most recently raised before Schein. Lane is all grown up now and ready for work with his recipient.

After we raised him for 18 months, Lane completed his six months of Professional Training and graduated as a Service Dog.

We watched as Lane was passed off to his recipient, beginning his new role as assistance dog and constant companion.

CCI Graduations are always heartfelt occasions, and serve as a reminder for why we puppy raisers do what we do. We’re so thankful for CCI and having the chance to bring these great dogs to people who need them!

During the month, Schein enjoyed spending some time on tour to spread the word about CCI.

He attended a Christmas tree lighting with Meghan Koester, the Executive Director from CCI’s North Central Region.

Schein and I also went to a local elementary school to talk to the students about how Assistance Dogs are born and raised. Schein showed off the commands he’s learning and the kids broke out in applause! Good boy, Schein!

Later, we attended a CCI fundraiser, giving us time to catch up with our friend Molly from CCI, and some of our fellow pups and puppy raisers.

 Want to learn more about the training and commands for CCI puppies? Watch the videos below!





 Sallie and ScheinBy Sallie Carey, Canine Companions for Independence Volunteer Puppy Raiser in Columbus, OH
Henry Schein, Inc. is a proud partner of Canine Companions for Independence. The company provides puppy raisers with “care packages” filled with supplies to help raise puppies during their first 18 months and works with many of the puppies’ veterinarians. Learn more about the partnership here.