Schein’s Pupdate: Trick-or-Treat

Schein is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy, which means he is no ordinary dog.

Through Canine Companions, he is learning to help a child or adult with disabilities increase their independence by being a friend and lending a helping hand paw.

Schein is being raised by Sallie, a volunteer puppy raiser, who will care for him and train him for 18 months. He’ll then go through Professional Training and ultimately find his “furever home” with a human companion who needs his help.

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October was a month of learning tricks and earning treats!

Schein and I enjoyed the fall weather, went to a Haunted Hardware Store, and represented Canine Companions for Independence at a local event for children.

Throughout the month, we continued to work on teaching Schein his new tricks as part of his training. Here are some nice fall photos of Schein working on commands with me. We practiced our eye contact, “shake,” and “sit.”


For Halloween, we attended the CCI Halloween Party for the Pups in Training.

It was held at the Hardware Exchange: a haunted hardware store in Delaware, Ohio. The property is on the registry of historic buildings and has been here since 1880. It is said there are friendly ghosts who live in this building. They move items from one place to another and make an old dusty rocking chair rock back and forth.

Despite the ghosts and other distractions like hanging skeletons, lighted goblins and spooky noises, the CCI puppies needed to follow their commands. It’s always a challenge for a young puppy to remain focused, but we help Schein with encouraging words and kibble. He’s really smart and loves to learn new things!

At the beginning of the party, many of the puppies had on their costumes. Schein was a pirate this year. It’s good for the puppies to accept putting on a costume and still follow commands while wearing it. For most of the training, though, Schein traded in his pirate hat for his CCI puppy cape.

Schein loves making new friends. Every time he does a trick, we give one of his new friends a treat. That is how you trick-or-treat the Schein way!


At his CCI training, Schein learned some new commands, and practiced some that he already knows.

Time to get back to work Schein!



This is truly a Trick NOT a Treat. Schein must not eat things he finds on the floor. Good Work Schein!
This is truly a trick, NOT a treat. Schein must not eat things he finds on the floor. Good work, Schein!


 Sallie and ScheinBy Sallie Carey, Canine Companions for Independence Volunteer Puppy Raiser in Columbus, OH


Henry Schein, Inc. is a proud partner of Canine Companions for Independence. The company provides puppy raisers with “care packages” filled with supplies to help raise puppies during their first 18 months and works with many of the puppies’ veterinarians. Learn more about the partnership here.