Schein’s Pupdates: Moving On Up (VIDEO)

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Schein is a Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) puppy, which means he is no ordinary dog.

Through Canine Companions, he is learning to help a child or adult with disabilities increase their independence by being a friend and lending a helping hand paw.

Schein was raised by Sallie, a volunteer puppy raiser who cared for and trained him for the first year and a half of his life. 

Our monthly “Pupdates” share Sallie and Schein’s adventures and his growth as a CCI service dog in training. Read them all here.

Schein has matriculated!

This fall, Sallie found out that Schein would be moving up and on to advanced training with CCI earlier than expected. 

On November 3, Schein attended the CCI North Central Region graduation, and Sallie and Charlie said goodbye – for now – to Schein. Watch Schein matriculate and hear from Sallie and Charlie in the video below!

Since moving on to CCI, Schein’s first “report card” has been sent out from his advanced trainers. Sallie shared this note:

“Schein is adjusting just fine to life at CCI. At this point, he is learning advanced skills to assist a person who is ambulatory. He was neutered last week, which means he is not going to be a breeder like we had anticipated could happen. He’s recovering nicely and doing well.”

Henry Schein, Inc. is a proud partner of Canine Companions for Independence. The company provides puppy raisers with “care packages” filled with supplies to help raise puppies during their first 18 months and works with many of the puppies’ veterinarians. Learn more about the partnership here.

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