Summit Family Dental Hosts 1st Annual Dentistry from the Heart Free Dental Care Day

1This past fall, we here at Summit Family Dental had the wonderful opportunity to host our 1st Annual Dentistry from the Heart Free Dental Care Day. This was a special day for us to give back to those in need through dentistry. We have served the community since 2000 and believe in being active participants within it. Drs. Mark and Krista Wortman, our husband and wife team, along with our entire staff volunteered their time and resources to give back and make the day a heart-warming success. For this benefit, we partnered with Dentistry from the Heart, a registered non-profit organization, and offered free fillings, extractions, and cleanings. We treated patients on a first come, first serve basis with a goal to provide relief through free dental care to as many patients in need as possible.

We were able to provide close to $7,000 in free dentistry and are excited to make this an annual event. The help of our many generous sponsors greatly added to our success this year. Henry Schein Dental and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation donated enough Oral Screening and Prevention kits, Adult Hygiene Kits, and fluoride varnish for us to properly treat every patient we saw on this day. This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous help of the Henry Schein Representative, Stefan Zollinger, who informed us of the outreach program through Henry Schein and how to apply for donations through it. Stefan was there to help us in any way possible from the very first time we reached out to him and all the way through to the big day. He even came out to the benefit to see how it all came together and to take some pictures for us. He truly went above and beyond and we are very thankful and appreciative of the support we received from Henry Schein and their representatives.

This event was a success for us on so many different levels. Our staff was overwhelmed with joy from the positive impact we were able to have on these patients’ lives. The appreciation the patients showed for the care they received was very uplifting. Patients were so thankful for us providing the care that they needed that they weren’t able to get otherwise for one reason or another. We had a couple patients drive from an hour away to come for treatment which really shows the great need there is for dental care and the reason Dr. Mark and Dr. Krista Wortman wanted to host this Free Dental Care Day.

We had one patient make it just before the benefit ended and he was so grateful to be able to have a quite bothersome tooth taken care of and have one less thing to worry about in the middle of a difficult time for him and his family. His wife even reached out to us afterward thanking us for the care he received. Her message was very heartfelt and touched our whole staff when Dr. Krista read it to us. Most of us choked up while she read it aloud and we’re so happy we were able to help. It was truly an emotionally rewarding experience for all of us here at Summit Family Dental and we are looking forward to our 2nd annual event next year.