West Virginia Students offer patient care at the Susan Dew Hoff Clinic, West Milford, WV

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History of the Susan Dew Hoff Clinic:

Dr. Susan Dew Hoff was one of the first women to receive her medical license in the state of West Virginia. She was born in Hampshire County, WV and later moved to West Milford in Harrison County, WV. Here is where her father practiced medicine. As a young child, Susan watched and admired her father treating patients both in the home and at the office. She dreamed of becoming a doctor but at the time, medical school was not an option for women.

In 1869, Susan married and had 5 children. She continued to follow her dream of becoming a doctor. After her father died, she was inspired to take the state medical examination. In April of 1889, Susan was the first woman to take a two day medical exam and pass with the highest score in her group.

For the next 40 years, she continued to practice medicine and make house calls on horseback. At the age of 90, Susan Hoff died and was buried in her home town of West Milford, WV where she so willingly helped other while practicing medicine.

In 1999, a medical and dental clinic was opened in her name to honor her life time of determination and dreams of helping others. Today, the medical clinic has since closed but the dental clinic remains opened and offers free service to the “working poor” who can not afford dental insurance or pay for dental services.

Today, the clinic provides free services to those in need. These service include dental exams, dental cleanings and simple restorations. Care to all patients and supplies is donated by wonderful volunteers and sponsors from local surrounding areas.

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A hand full of dental and dental hygiene students from West Virginia University School of Dentistry came across the Susan Dew Hoff Clinic and found that they were in great need of help. These students took it upon themselves to help reorganize the clinic , commit there time to help the clinic, but most importantly give back to the local community and care for patients who otherwise would not be able to seek treatment!

The Students mission is simple: Provide wonderful care to anyone who comes to the Susan Dew Hoff Clinic. The students offer: simple restorations and dental treatments to include dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and oral hygiene instruction on an individual case by case  basis.

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With the help of the Henry Schein foundation, Hygiene students were able to administered  fluoride varnish to every patient to help prevent cavities.

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Patients are also received diabetic testing, nutritional counseling, pregnancy and pediatric oral health care  and tobacco cessation.

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At the end of the night, All patients were sent home with a wonderful new tooth brush, tooth paste and floss all donated by Henry Schein.

With out the endless donations and volunteers who are so willing to donate their precious time and knowledge and skills, this mission could not be possible!