The Mind Body and Soul Health Ministry Medical Mission in Jamaica

1In an effort to bring access to care to many communities in Jamaica, The Mind Body and Soul Health Ministry, based in Brandon, Florida, traveled to the rural areas of St. Ann, Jamaica in August for an annual Medical Mission. The team stopped at the Widows Mite Orphanage, a residential care home that caters to over 20 abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities. The team also stopped at St. Ann’s Bay Infirmary, an institution that provides food, shelter and clothing for the destitute poor of that parish.

Over five days, they served approximately 1,100 people, ranging from babies to geriatric patients. Medical services were provided for the patients with help of the donations made by the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.

Medical conditions treated by the team included poor dental health, diabetes and hypertension, each of which were able to be identified and addressed.


The Ministry also held school physical exams for the children and their families. Different care packages were also distributed, which consisted of basic food items, dental supplies, toiletries, and clothing.

Not only did The Ministry provide general medical services, they also had a prostheses clinic, where 25 people who had previously received prosthesis were able to be checked for a “tune-up” and repairs of any equipment. Twenty-four people were assessed and measured for their new prosthesis. The Ministry’s Evangelism team reached out to people individually and in groups to encourage the fostering of spiritual relationships that would hopefully yield morally healthy lifestyles.