Volunteers Around the World: Medical Outreach Program (Georgia State University Chapter)



On May 11, 2015 a group of 22 students set out to the Panama Canal to provide medical care to those living in medically under-served areas. Our team of twenty-two students were from Volunteers Around the World (Georgia State University Chapter). Volunteers Around the World (VAW) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) devoted to improving the standard of living for those that reside in some of the most poverty stricken communities of the world. Our focus is to provide communities with access to medical treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water, and health education.We want to give a big shout out the The Henry Schein Foundation, who donated an ample amount of the dental supplies, as well as glucose test strips and lance-lets, which we were able to use during our mobile clinics.


From May 11th-25th, we were able to stay on the island of Bocas Del Toro. There we were able to  provide medical care to various surrounding islands. During our mobile clinics, volunteers shadowed physicians, took vitals, ran the pharmacy, and held public health workshops. This year we were able to take our education day to the next level with the help of the dental kits that the Henry Shein Foundation was able to donate to our organization. We were able to give all of the children and their parents dental kits, which consisted of a tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss. During our education day, we were able to teach the children about dental hygiene, nutrition, methods of staying hydrated, and simple ways to prevent germs from spreading. Over the course of the two weeks we were able to see over 1,000 patients!

This experience has been life changing, in that, not only were we able to help numerous people, but also the impact that these people had on each and every one of us. They taught us about the simplicity of life and how we really do not need much to be happy. I am happy that my team and I were able to serve the residents of Bocas del Toro, Panama this past summer! This is an experience that my team and I will never forget. Thank you once again for the donations Henry Schein Foundation!