Whitehouse, Jamaica

Tremendous efforts are being made to improve oral hygiene in Whitehouse, Jamaica. This past May, Cheryl Seitz, a dental hygiene instructor at Manhattan Tech, traveled to Whitehouse alongside Dental Hygiene students Christy Griffee and Megan Richardson. The team dedicated ten days to working with Great Shapes Jamaica, alongside numerous other healthcare teams in a collaborative effort to construct a model oral health system for the Jamaican government. The mission of their trip was to create a sustainable oral health system that will continue to serve the Jamaican community; without the much needed aid from exterior support systems. Numerous healthcare groups have worked together to implement a self-serving oral healthcare system, and great progress has been demonstrated throughout annual visits to Whitehouse.

The project was run through a makeshift clinic in a local church, and aimed to improve the oral health of schoolchildren. Services provided ranged from hygiene instruction (mostly for younger children) to the application of sealants. Dentists were also available for immediate dental care, and hygiene cleanings were additionally given as a benefit for the teachers as well as other school employees. The group was also responsible for monitoring the status of sealants that had been applied in previous years,