Window to the Body in Honduras

Window to the Body is a nonprofit seeking to provide basic dental hygiene tools, education and treatment to people of all ages without access to dental care. We partnered with United with the Same Love to travel to Tegucigalpa and Roatan, Honduras to perform dental screenings and clinics where we did treatment.


In Tegucigalpa, we saw children that were at the orphanage Casa De Esperanza.  We did screenings on 23 children to see who needed what work on their teeth. We used the materials that were donated by Henry Schein Cares in the Oral Screening and Prevention kits. Over the next two days, they were brought to us at the clinic we were working at so that we could fill cavities, put on crowns and pull some teeth.

DSC00821 DSC_0061

We visited the City Dump and spread the word that we were going to have a Dental Clinic at the school close by. There was also a group of eye doctors in the same location so people who came were able to get their teeth and their eyes checked out. We worked at this location for half of a day and saw about 20 adults for whom we did cleanings and pulled teeth. United with the Same Love stayed at this location, and our group went to the Baxter Institute for the remainder of the day and the following day.

The Dental Clinic at the Baxter Institute let us use all of their equipment and instruments. We were able to do restorative work on the children from Casa de Esperanza and on children who went to the school by the City Dump. In that day and a half, we saw about 35 children. Because we had the clinic available with water, air and suction, we were able to save several teeth that would have otherwise been pulled.DSC00931DSC00932

We traveled to Roatan to work at the Majken Broby Children’s Home. We saw about 20 children. We did oral hygiene education, cleanings and treatment on the kids who needed it. A group of us went to the local hospital to donate our extra supplied and to give out goodie bags with a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.


Our trip was a success! We were able to help several people who otherwise don’t get to see a dentist. We are thankful for Henry Schein Cares’ donation that helped us to be able to serve.