Young Women are Empowered for a Future in Health Care at St. Agnes Academic High School

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For the students at St. Agnes Academic High School, a Catholic High School for young women in Queens, the school year began with a new opportunity to pursue a future of ‘Helping Health Happen’ for others.

The school has introduced the St. Agnes Academic Health Sciences Program, or SAAHS Program, to provide hands-on experience in a variety of health care fields. Now with a health lab in the school (The Maureen Martin Fritch ’78 Health Science Lab), the young women can test the waters or gain an edge for a future in nursing or other health care fields. 

In this blog, hear from the high school’s principal, Susan Nicoletti, about the impact this health lab is already having on the students at St. Agnes Academic High School.

Saint Agnes is all about the girls.

We are committed to advancing our students in areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and we are always focused on finding ways to help our girls reach their full potential for college and their careers.

Knowing that the current job market has many opportunities in the health field, and witnessing the interest that our young ladies have in the health field, we decided to build a health lab and the SAAHS program to provide a significant benefit for our students.

Plus, after a visit to the Molloy College nursing labs sparked a huge interest in our students, we were sure we had to provide the opportunity for growth in the health field on our own campus.

St. Agnes Academic Health Science Program - Group Photo with Maureen Martin Fritch, Lisa Kerr, Susan Nicoletti, and students


The health lab has already had a huge impact on life here at St. Agnes!

There is excitement and a new sense of purpose around the building. We’ve had a waiting list of students eager to join our Futures in Medicine Club. Our students are thinking about their futures and their careers with more focus and passion than I have seen in years.

Students are currently learning CPR, AED, and first aid training, and can even earn their certifications for these skills.They will be learning how to protect themselves and their patients, as well as how to take vital signs and care for children.

As our program grows, incoming students will have the opportunity to become Certified Nurse’s Assistants (CNA) upon graduation.

With the exposure to various medical careers, and the hands-on opportunities provided by the SAAHS Program, our students will have a leg up when applying to college. And for many of our students, graduating as a CNA will allow them to go straight into the workforce.


The skills and opportunities provided by the health lab will pave the way for our students’ success in college and beyond.

It is our goal that every student graduating from St. Agnes will graduate being certified in CPR and AED skills; that students who wish can get the training, internships, and degree as a CNA; and that the skills learned through our health lab will serve our students throughout their lives.

We will also continue to work with our friends at Molloy College and Adelphi University to gain insight in higher education through a variety of experiences and seminars. Plus, it is our hope to serve the community by hosting blood drives and CPR training for our neighbors.

As Saint Agnes Academic High School prepares to celebrate 110 years in education, we are confident that our new program will draw more students to our community to experience the opportunities that St. Agnes can provide.

Principal Nicoletti and Lisa Kerr, Vice President of Risk Management for Henry Schein, Inc., and alumnus of St. Agnes Academic High School


Mrs. Susan Nicoletti is Principal of St. Agnes Academic High School in College Point, NY.

St. Agnes Academic High School was supported with an in-kind donation of CPR, AED, and other health training equipment from Henry Schein, Inc., as a part of the Company’s global corporate responsibility program, Henry Schein Cares.